Sunday, October 12, 2008

Fuck you FIA. Fuck you Ferrari.

Lewis Hamilton admits he caused a bit of a fracas into the first corner and cops a penalty. Fair enough. Massa effectively takes him out of the race and gets a penalty. Not enough. Massa then has an incident with Sebastian Bourdais who is emerging from the pits and clearly has the inside line. Bourdais gets a penalty and Massa another point. Can the FIA please get their cocks out of the mouths of Ferrari? This shit has been going on for years. Sure, everyone who doesn't support McLaren gets a hard-on for Ferrari, but stripping a guy of one of his best results of the year so you can make the Championship a bit closer...get fucked you fucking poofters! How can an organisation such as this show so much bias? If it was Hamilton who tangled with Bourdais he would have been stripped of all points and given a suspended sentence. But Massa can drive like a fucking r'tard and get away with it. "Oh, we love you Ferrari, your drivers can do no wrong, we wouldn't want to offend the Italians". What a load of shit. Sanity will prevail, Hamilton will win the Championship and Ferrari and the FIA can go suck their balls, from here to high heaven. Captain out.

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