Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Star Stable Week 2 in review!

Well it was a good weekend for the Calgary Roughriders with the big win of Whobegotyou and a nice third to Guillotine. 

The Captain, manager of the other Roughriders is preaching a return to fundamentals this week, with the bright spot a third to Von Costa de Hero. 

A momentum switch could come in tomorrows Guineas - the Roughriders saddle up Romneya and the Calgary Roughriders, well they saddle up nothing.

At this stage the score reads 1.5 Million to 800,000! This could be flattering, as the Calgary Roughriders stable jockey, Craig Williams has shown ineptitude of the highest order this spring. 

According to the Captain, "the Roughriders should be all the better for recent racing." 


Shirtman said...

Well, a dissapointing week for Shirty's Flyers - with the exclusion of Whobegotyou biting me on the arse. As a result, the stable has fallen 7000 places to around the 8000th mark on the leaderboard, with a tick over $1,000,000 in the bank.

Kimillsy is sure to get the cash tomorrow, so a renaissance is expected before a dominant performance in the CC.

Captain Carnage said...

You don't win a Stable Star Challenge mid-way through October boys...you guys are like Maldivian types just setting the pace for me to steam home come early November!!!

Professor Chaos said...

I don't know... With a stable featuring Guillotine and Littorio (and by the weekend probably Red Ruler and Nom De Jeu) I will be hard to catch on Saturday!

Professor Chaos said...

By the way the horse in your stable that could screw us all over is the Chariot Cap-I-tan. Best $51 shot at the Caulfield Cup ever.