Thursday, October 16, 2008

The Calgary Roughriders Caulfield Cup tilt.

Didn't bother with small change this week. My stable is geared up for one race, and one race only: The Cup.

My stable had a hand of 2 (1 EM) already with Littorio and Guillotine ready for action. The thought earlier in the week was to use some of the surplus funds that I had ($150K), drop Raheeb and Predatory Pricer and buy a $25K horse plus the Hussler. 

Not happening. You are either a believer or you aren't at this stage and I am a non-believer. 

So my $275K had a lot of options. I was looking at a package of horses that included Nom De Jeu, Red Ruler, Master O  and the Valley. 

Nom De Jeu at $200K seemed like poor value compared to the better gate and Kelt run from Red Ruler, so in goes Red Ruler. Change left over bought Master O. 

My stables other interest will come from Red Lord either sneaking into the field or running in the crappy Group 2 cup. 

Weekend non-runners: Samantha Miss, Dreamscape, Whobegotyou, Rhyno Chaser and Bianca to carry the drinks.

C. Williams on his last chance with the stable. 2 wins or he is out on his ass.


Shirtman said...

Hello Boys,

Shirty's Flyers this week are set for a massive reversal of form, with 6 horses having a run, 5 in the Cup. After a dissapointing performance from Kimillsy on Wednesday and some poor choices previously, I am not travelling quite as well as I could be, but am confident this week will prove the difference.

Lining up for the Big One are;

- Littorio (stable regular)

- Douro Valley (CC specialist)

- Guillotine (with no confidence)

- Weekend Hussler (as the Monkeys once mimed, I'm a Believer)

- Red Ruler (best of the kiwis)

- Musket (should win the David Jones)

On the sideline this week sit Time Thief and the girls, Kimillsy, Sheeznodoubt and Samantha Miss (whose form via the Sydney fillies now looks a tad scratchy for a Plate BTW)

Out went Red Lord (he has a Qatar-like record at Caulfield, being 0 from 5. Can't have him) and Fernandina.

I will finish the longest comment in history by heaping scorn upon the Melbourne Racing Club who, on their biggest raceday of the year, have allowed a race to be called the "Sex & the City: The Movie DVD Cup". Someone needs to be shot for that.

Professor Chaos said...

Nice there's a decent hand in the Caulfield you have.

Go Guillotine, time to put the Captain out of his misery!

Glowlamp put in a not too bad run in the Caulfield Guineas, I was thinking that Kimillsy would frank it as well though!