Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Slipper: Barriers and Final Field.

The barrier draw for the Golden Sipper is out, and it may have some effect on the market. More Joyous and Real Saga appear likely to start out of barriers 10 and 11 respectively. Barrier 10 will be a testing spot for More Joyous as there is a reasonable amount of early speed drawn inside of it. Whilst probably a more adaptable type, Real Saga will have to prove it from barrier 11. Getting posted three-wide anywhere in the 2 y.o. classic is typically a poor place to be. Horses on the second line of betting have been dealt a nice hand. With on pacers Reward for Effort and Manhattan Rain likely to start from the ideal gates 3 and 4. 


1200m; Group 1; 2YO Set Weights

Real Saga (13) M, W & J Hawkes Damien Oliver 56.5

2 Reward For Effort (3) Peter Moody Luke Nolen 56.5

3 Manhattan Rain (5) Gai Waterhouse N Rawiller 56.5

4 Delago Bolt (1) Gary Portelli Chris Munce 56.5

5 Wanted (8) John O'Shea Jim Cassidy 56.5

6 Phelan Ready (18) B & J McLachlan B Rawiller 56.5

7 Zikmann (15) Tim Martin Jay Ford 56.5

8 More Joyous (12) Gai Waterhouse D Beadman 54.5

9 Rostova (9) Steve Richards Steven King 54.5

10 Melito (11) Gerald Ryan Danny Nikolic 54.5

11 Indian Ocean (2) Tim Martin Hugh Bowman 54.5

12 Headway (6) Peter Moody Glen Boss 54.5

13 Our Joan Of Arc (14) Clarry Conners C Newitt 54.5

14 Horizons (17) Gai Waterhouse Blake Shinn 54.5

15 Marquardt (16) Jason Coyle Peter Robl 54.5

16 So Anyway (7) Jason Coyle Craig Williams 54.5


17 Sunday Rose (10) Bart Cummings M Rodd 54.5

1Stryker (4) Chris Waller ---- 56.5

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Golden Slipper Preview: Out Friday

WHAB will provide readers with a comprehensive Golden Slipper Preview on Friday. Should be up first thing Friday morning so check it out for all the form, tips, nudie run threats, and the Professor's usual Glen Boss bashing. And if we're lucky, Shirtman will add his 20 cents worth in the comments and give it to Gai Waterhouse. A slop-fest it is! Should be fun!

Friday, March 27, 2009

Saturday Racing thoughts.

We'll stick with the Free-to-Air covered races for this preview, so just a few quick thoughts about Sydney races 4-7.

Race 4: Epona Stakes

I don't have much faith in the Patinack formline, so this race boils down to two for me: Illuminates and Sequinella. 1900 metres is uncharted territory for Iluminates, but she has been racing like that will be a nice suitable trip. Either of these would be good for me. And a piece of the quinella.

Race 5: Manion Cup

Am I the only person who saw Tangalooma lose at least 2 lengths in the Randwick City as multiple horses passed it around like it was Tara Reid? $13 you say, Cheers. Macknuckle runs a great 2400 metres on his day and Lang looks to be in form. 

Race 6: Ajax Stakes

It's been two years since Reigning to Win has been anywhere near its top. For some unfathomable reason I'm going to include it in my top two. I just love it. Joining it is Chasm, who I think is the superior horse in this field.

Race 7: Rosehill Guineas

Tough race. Metal Bender looks to be one that could continue where it left off in the Randwick Guineas. If it gets out past $4, that seems a relatively sound bet. If not, Tobique is the next best option. If it doesn't look like an actual Rhyno anymore, then Rhyno Chaser is well worth a look. 

Fantasy NRL corner: A pair of Knights that you must own.

Every week, we are going to have a look at some of the potential surprises and busts for the upcoming Fantasy NRL weekend. Sure, this week may be a great time to own Krisnan Inu or Terry Campese but those aren't the selections that win championships. 

Our "surprises" are guys that are less than 5% owned and relatively cheap for their position.
Our "busts" are expensive players with a wide >5% ownership.

So for week three, lets start with the busts:

1. Matt Bowen:
There aren't too many bad weeks to own Bowen. Coming off a 56 point week, his ownership has spiked in the last seven days. Not the smartest move by trigger happy owners, as while Bowen is always good for some highlight reel plays, he could very well have a tough defensive night at the office against the Storm. 20 points or so seems likely, which is not bad - however you are paying for more.

2. Chris Sandow:
Owners who jumped on Sandow after his demolition of the Roosters have already tasted a little bit of disappointment. Expect more this week. The Roosters in week 1 may have been the most ineptly coached team ever. Sandow was free to create as noone ran at him all night. Expect the Knights mobile backrow to target Sandow. Missed tackles a plenty. 10 points a realistic floor and again, if you must pay that much for your halfback, the steady but unexciting stylings of Trent Barrett are a must have.

1. Zeb Taia
Low cost. Relatively low ownership (4.9%). Likely to be the battering ram of choice to run at the Rabbitohs pairing of Sutton/Sandow. What's not to like? 40+ points seems a possibility. 

2. Junior Sau
If you hadn't figured it out yet, I like the Knights to put a lot of points on the Rabbitohs this week. Sau should be a major beneficiary of this. I'm putting it on the line and suggesting a 45 point haul for the NRLs answer to Rod Kafer.

3. Your favourite Eel/Rooster
The Tigers and Raiders have bled points at a pretty unsettling rate thus far. Eels/Roosters 

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Monday At The Water Cooler

Douche 1: Catch some footy on the weekend guy?

Douche 2: Sure did. I was surprised...I thought after round 1 that the Rabbitohs would win the comp for sure. Now I just don't know.

Douche 1: Yeah, that was a shock. I thought they'd just smash all comers this year with the best halves in the NRL.

Douche 2: Oh well, I guess the moral of the story is "you don't win the comp in round 1".

Douche 1: Yeah, that tenner each you threw on Sandow and Sutton for Dally M might have been a bit premature.

Douche 2: You win some, you lose some.

Douche 1: Yeah, and don't I know it. You know how I put a week's pay on the Brumbies to win the Super 14? Well they lost to the fucking Lions!

Douche 2: You're shittin' me. They looked like they were going along nicely this year.

Douche 1: Yeah, unbelievable. I thought they were a lock.

Douche 2: How about the cricket? How bad did we go?

Douche 1: Yeah, we were rubbish. Just when I thought we had solved our spin problem with McGain.

Douche 2: I know. I've been telling people for ages that Krejza is rubbish and Hauritz and McGain are much, much better.

Douche 1: Must have just had a bad match...maybe he was injured. He'll be better for the run. Anyhow, he's certainly a lot better than that Krejza was.

Douche 2: Totally. Did me arse on the races on Saturday.

Douche 1: Yeah, me too. That's the last time I ever trust Gai Waterhouse.

Douche 2: Was great to see Bossy bag the Group 1 on Typhoon Tracy though. He's the best hoop in the land and I love his victory celebrations.

Douche 1: Ah, Group 1 Glen. Hopefully he rides the Slipper winner. Anyway, better get back to it.

Douche 2: Yeah. Don't work too hard.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Coolmore Day!

A few comments on the bigger races tomorrow:

Sydney, Race 4: Perfect Vision Ilasik Stakes

The favourite More Joyous is a horse that I am more than willing to leave alone at $1.80. In its two race starts, we have seen it canter in by 5+ lengths and fail to finish. The first race is somewhat less impressive when examined properly - 1:05:05 over the 1100 is far from impressive and the margin speaks more to the poor quality of the opposition that it does to anything else. Melito was super impressive winning the Silver Slipper and looks a better bet at $4.  Our Joan of Arc looks very much like 1200 will suit and could be the best bet in this race at $17. At large odds, Miss Macarthur is a rough place chance.

Sydney, Race 5: Myer canterbury Stakes

If Northern Meteor is ready to go, and runs out 1300 metres, it won't be beaten. They are two pretty big "ifs" so I will look elsewhere, especially at $2.30. The one I am looking to is El Cambio. A fantastic run behind Judged first-up. You could make a case for pretty much all of these, but I have a definite preference for form around Judged as I am banking on him as the star of the carnival.

Sydney, Race 6: Ranvet Stakes

Theseo is in fantastic form. However he is running in to some fantastic  2000 meter horses in this. Viewed and Moatize have been running well in unsuitably short races and 2000 metres is typically where you expect them to be winning. Newport couldn't have been any more impressive last week. The main concern with him is that Randwick seems to be where he is best. Zagreb obviously will win one of these at some point. I'll probably shop around here but right now I'm looking at the rougher pairing of Newport/Moatize. 

Sydney, Race 7: Coolmore Classic

The scratching of Hot Danish brings some of the quotes in a little bit. I'll still be hoping to see $8-$10 somewhere about Judged because I think he is the best chance in this one. Illuminates ran on strongly last race off a middling pace.  Absolutely Fabulous ran on well behind Hot Danish last start and should be peaking. I think there'll be a lot of pace on in this one and these three run-on types are the ones to work around. Glowlamp is an interesting runner if there is another scratching. 


Monday, March 16, 2009

The NRL's Biggest Loser

A year ago, he was fat and grossly unfit, given his profession, and also prone to stupidity on the field. He was on the NRL scrapheap. But Friday night saw a new man emerge in the Dragons front row. A lean, mean, hit-up machine. A man no longer limited to 12 minutes playing time. Meet Michael Weyman, the NRL's Biggest Loser:



"I was definitely influenced by the reality show The Biggest Loser. Adro was a real inspiration. I also drew inspiration from Jared on the Subway ads" said Weyman, looking surprisingly fresh after his 51 minutes, 19 hit-ups and 19 tackles on Friday night. "Basically, I realised I was too fat and unfit to cut it in the NRL. Neil Henry would be so exasperated when I'd come on and then have to come off again after 3 minutes. Sometimes I'd just punch a guy so I could have a breather in the sin bin. I'd become a bit of a laughing stock, so I decided to do something about it" he said.

Weyman topped the hit-up count against the Storm, running 19 times for a game high 171m and also played an error-free game. More importantly, with his increased fitness, the thought of deliberately getting himself sin-binned didn't cross his mind. "Those dark days are behind me. You know, I think the problem was Canberra itself. It's just such a boring place, I ended up eating and drinking excessively just to pass the time. Now I'm loving the 'Gong and playing under Wayne Bennett. Sleeping in for as long as possible has been replaced with 6a.m runs on the beach. Lounging around playing Playstation has now become pumping iron. And burgers and fries have transformed into a healthy low carb diet".

The rewards are also coming off the field with Weyman set to sign a lucrative contract to become the new face of Weight Watchers.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

NRL Sex Education

In the wake of Brett Stewart allegedly mauling a teenager in a drunken Friday night stupor, the NRL needs to get tough. Let's face it, footballers are not getting more sober, or any less stupid. The NRL need to take action. They need to employ the services of this guy. Back to school for all NRL players...sing along now!

"Oh, who lives in peace 'neath the willow tree...
Sexual Harassment Panda!
Who explains sexual harassment to you and me...
Sexual Harassment Panda!
Don't say that! Don't touch there! Don't be nasty, says the silly bear!
He's come to teach you right and wrong...
Sexual Harassment Panda!"

Word is that Stewart will not try and add to his '07 "Sexiest Man In League" crown, opting for a shot at the all new "Sexiest, Drunken Sexual Harasser In League", where he will compete against various Broncos and Bulldogs/ex Bulldogs players, with Craig Gower putting in a guest appearance. Should be fun.

"Hey girls...want to meet my snake?!..."

Sunday, March 8, 2009

The Big Questions

Watching the Blues vs Sharks Super 14 match I was left to ponder two questions...a). Who is Mr Price? On many occasions I have returned home from a few quiet beverages with friends at 3.a.m Sunday morning, flicked on FoxSports to find a Sharks Super 14 match from South Africa, and thought to myself "Who is Mr Price? Mental note: google Mr Price in the morning." Needless to say, I have never remembered...until now.

It's more a question of "What is Mr Price?". Mr Price is a South African retail chain specialising in clothing, footwear, accessories, and homewares. They are about "affordable fashion for everyone". They are about "casual fun and relaxed fashion for the whole family". They are about "affordable modern living". They are about Sharks rugby. The Sharks are unbeaten.

And if you go to a Sharks game, you might meet up with a hot chick who actually likes rugby too. A rare species indeed. I think we can all learn something from Mr Price...

Mr Price cap; all the rage. Red Cap Radio is the instore radio station for all Mr Price stores, and this red cap is what Deon wears whilst on air.

My second question is b). What do you do in this situation? The scenario: you're down by 14 in the 73rd minute. You are awarded a full-arm penalty 10 metres out from the opposition tryline and, subsequently, they have a player yellow carded (effectively sin-binned for the rest of the match). You need at least 7 points to get a bonus point out of the match as you have only scored two tries thus far. But, more importantly, you need two converted tries to get at least a draw out of the match. So what would you do?

Anyway, the Auckland Blues slotted a penalty to make the gap 11 points and luckily scored a late try to salvage a bonus point. Why you'd not go for the try with roughly 7 minutes to go, giving you a shot at the draw, a long shot for a miraculous victory, and possibly saving yourself from having to grasp a lucky bonus point as time expires is beyond me. I think it would be fair to say that the Blues could learn a lot from Mr Price, the Sharks, the honey blonde model above, and Deon...

Friday, March 6, 2009

It should probably be called Newmarket Day, but...

1) Right now Gai Waterhouse winning three group 1 races tomorrow is paying $31 with Sportingbet. Given that I have tipped her horses in three group 1 races tomorrow, I'll have a little piece of that.

- There are dangers of course. Whilst I would not have too much interest in the $2 that Tuesday Joy is likely to pay tomorrow, I think that this is almost an ironclad lock of the day!

- Looking at the winners of the Newmarket since 2003, you are looking at a crop of superstars:
2008 Weekend Hussler
2007 Miss Andretti
2006 Takeover Target
2005 Alinghi
2004 Exceed And Excel
2003 Belle Du Jour (Thanks Captain)

When I scan this years field, the real superstar in the making I see is Northern Meteor, and I will probably put silly money on this tomorrow. I have a soft spot for Burdekin Blues though and will slip a little money that way as well. Want a true roughie? Look no further than 7th Rock. 200:1 if you play your cards right. And, oh yeah it ran a 1:07 in South Africa. Say what you want about using times etc but 1:07 anywhere in any conditions is hellah fast.

- Theseo looks great but if you don't like $2.20 you would be WELL advised to have a long look at Blutigeroo. A 2000 metre specialist - a poor mans Fields of Omagh if you will. And Finally C Little seems to have hit the right formula, a couple of hit outs over 1200-1600 and then pounce on the 2000. Theseo has been in the right place at the right time given the dearth of top class horses over the 2000, but I think he is vulnerable against the Roo. Or the Tiger.. whatever.

- Knock yourself out with the Guineas tomorrow. Heart of Dreams and Von Costa for me. But really, there are better races on tomorrow. Even though it is called "Guineas Day."