Sunday, March 8, 2009

The Big Questions

Watching the Blues vs Sharks Super 14 match I was left to ponder two questions...a). Who is Mr Price? On many occasions I have returned home from a few quiet beverages with friends at 3.a.m Sunday morning, flicked on FoxSports to find a Sharks Super 14 match from South Africa, and thought to myself "Who is Mr Price? Mental note: google Mr Price in the morning." Needless to say, I have never remembered...until now.

It's more a question of "What is Mr Price?". Mr Price is a South African retail chain specialising in clothing, footwear, accessories, and homewares. They are about "affordable fashion for everyone". They are about "casual fun and relaxed fashion for the whole family". They are about "affordable modern living". They are about Sharks rugby. The Sharks are unbeaten.

And if you go to a Sharks game, you might meet up with a hot chick who actually likes rugby too. A rare species indeed. I think we can all learn something from Mr Price...

Mr Price cap; all the rage. Red Cap Radio is the instore radio station for all Mr Price stores, and this red cap is what Deon wears whilst on air.

My second question is b). What do you do in this situation? The scenario: you're down by 14 in the 73rd minute. You are awarded a full-arm penalty 10 metres out from the opposition tryline and, subsequently, they have a player yellow carded (effectively sin-binned for the rest of the match). You need at least 7 points to get a bonus point out of the match as you have only scored two tries thus far. But, more importantly, you need two converted tries to get at least a draw out of the match. So what would you do?

Anyway, the Auckland Blues slotted a penalty to make the gap 11 points and luckily scored a late try to salvage a bonus point. Why you'd not go for the try with roughly 7 minutes to go, giving you a shot at the draw, a long shot for a miraculous victory, and possibly saving yourself from having to grasp a lucky bonus point as time expires is beyond me. I think it would be fair to say that the Blues could learn a lot from Mr Price, the Sharks, the honey blonde model above, and Deon...


Professor Chaos said...

The tough questions indeed.
I would sign on if he was Mr Van der Price.

Captain Carnage said...

Or even Mr Van Der WestPricen!