Friday, March 27, 2009

Fantasy NRL corner: A pair of Knights that you must own.

Every week, we are going to have a look at some of the potential surprises and busts for the upcoming Fantasy NRL weekend. Sure, this week may be a great time to own Krisnan Inu or Terry Campese but those aren't the selections that win championships. 

Our "surprises" are guys that are less than 5% owned and relatively cheap for their position.
Our "busts" are expensive players with a wide >5% ownership.

So for week three, lets start with the busts:

1. Matt Bowen:
There aren't too many bad weeks to own Bowen. Coming off a 56 point week, his ownership has spiked in the last seven days. Not the smartest move by trigger happy owners, as while Bowen is always good for some highlight reel plays, he could very well have a tough defensive night at the office against the Storm. 20 points or so seems likely, which is not bad - however you are paying for more.

2. Chris Sandow:
Owners who jumped on Sandow after his demolition of the Roosters have already tasted a little bit of disappointment. Expect more this week. The Roosters in week 1 may have been the most ineptly coached team ever. Sandow was free to create as noone ran at him all night. Expect the Knights mobile backrow to target Sandow. Missed tackles a plenty. 10 points a realistic floor and again, if you must pay that much for your halfback, the steady but unexciting stylings of Trent Barrett are a must have.

1. Zeb Taia
Low cost. Relatively low ownership (4.9%). Likely to be the battering ram of choice to run at the Rabbitohs pairing of Sutton/Sandow. What's not to like? 40+ points seems a possibility. 

2. Junior Sau
If you hadn't figured it out yet, I like the Knights to put a lot of points on the Rabbitohs this week. Sau should be a major beneficiary of this. I'm putting it on the line and suggesting a 45 point haul for the NRLs answer to Rod Kafer.

3. Your favourite Eel/Rooster
The Tigers and Raiders have bled points at a pretty unsettling rate thus far. Eels/Roosters 

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