Sunday, March 22, 2009

Monday At The Water Cooler

Douche 1: Catch some footy on the weekend guy?

Douche 2: Sure did. I was surprised...I thought after round 1 that the Rabbitohs would win the comp for sure. Now I just don't know.

Douche 1: Yeah, that was a shock. I thought they'd just smash all comers this year with the best halves in the NRL.

Douche 2: Oh well, I guess the moral of the story is "you don't win the comp in round 1".

Douche 1: Yeah, that tenner each you threw on Sandow and Sutton for Dally M might have been a bit premature.

Douche 2: You win some, you lose some.

Douche 1: Yeah, and don't I know it. You know how I put a week's pay on the Brumbies to win the Super 14? Well they lost to the fucking Lions!

Douche 2: You're shittin' me. They looked like they were going along nicely this year.

Douche 1: Yeah, unbelievable. I thought they were a lock.

Douche 2: How about the cricket? How bad did we go?

Douche 1: Yeah, we were rubbish. Just when I thought we had solved our spin problem with McGain.

Douche 2: I know. I've been telling people for ages that Krejza is rubbish and Hauritz and McGain are much, much better.

Douche 1: Must have just had a bad match...maybe he was injured. He'll be better for the run. Anyhow, he's certainly a lot better than that Krejza was.

Douche 2: Totally. Did me arse on the races on Saturday.

Douche 1: Yeah, me too. That's the last time I ever trust Gai Waterhouse.

Douche 2: Was great to see Bossy bag the Group 1 on Typhoon Tracy though. He's the best hoop in the land and I love his victory celebrations.

Douche 1: Ah, Group 1 Glen. Hopefully he rides the Slipper winner. Anyway, better get back to it.

Douche 2: Yeah. Don't work too hard.

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