Monday, March 16, 2009

The NRL's Biggest Loser

A year ago, he was fat and grossly unfit, given his profession, and also prone to stupidity on the field. He was on the NRL scrapheap. But Friday night saw a new man emerge in the Dragons front row. A lean, mean, hit-up machine. A man no longer limited to 12 minutes playing time. Meet Michael Weyman, the NRL's Biggest Loser:



"I was definitely influenced by the reality show The Biggest Loser. Adro was a real inspiration. I also drew inspiration from Jared on the Subway ads" said Weyman, looking surprisingly fresh after his 51 minutes, 19 hit-ups and 19 tackles on Friday night. "Basically, I realised I was too fat and unfit to cut it in the NRL. Neil Henry would be so exasperated when I'd come on and then have to come off again after 3 minutes. Sometimes I'd just punch a guy so I could have a breather in the sin bin. I'd become a bit of a laughing stock, so I decided to do something about it" he said.

Weyman topped the hit-up count against the Storm, running 19 times for a game high 171m and also played an error-free game. More importantly, with his increased fitness, the thought of deliberately getting himself sin-binned didn't cross his mind. "Those dark days are behind me. You know, I think the problem was Canberra itself. It's just such a boring place, I ended up eating and drinking excessively just to pass the time. Now I'm loving the 'Gong and playing under Wayne Bennett. Sleeping in for as long as possible has been replaced with 6a.m runs on the beach. Lounging around playing Playstation has now become pumping iron. And burgers and fries have transformed into a healthy low carb diet".

The rewards are also coming off the field with Weyman set to sign a lucrative contract to become the new face of Weight Watchers.

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