Tuesday, March 10, 2009

NRL Sex Education

In the wake of Brett Stewart allegedly mauling a teenager in a drunken Friday night stupor, the NRL needs to get tough. Let's face it, footballers are not getting more sober, or any less stupid. The NRL need to take action. They need to employ the services of this guy. Back to school for all NRL players...sing along now!

"Oh, who lives in peace 'neath the willow tree...
Sexual Harassment Panda!
Who explains sexual harassment to you and me...
Sexual Harassment Panda!
Don't say that! Don't touch there! Don't be nasty, says the silly bear!
He's come to teach you right and wrong...
Sexual Harassment Panda!"

Word is that Stewart will not try and add to his '07 "Sexiest Man In League" crown, opting for a shot at the all new "Sexiest, Drunken Sexual Harasser In League", where he will compete against various Broncos and Bulldogs/ex Bulldogs players, with Craig Gower putting in a guest appearance. Should be fun.

"Hey girls...want to meet my snake?!..."


Professor Chaos said...

Next year Sportingbet should have a NRL molestation market.
With his clan-cut image, you should have got $100+ on Stewart.

Captain Carnage said...

Along with the "What will a drunken Todd Carney do next?" market.