Tuesday, August 19, 2008

NFC West: A Tale of Mediocrity

To cut a long story short, the NFC West is rubbish, consisting of four teams who have been very average for the last two years and three of which who have been average for longer. Seattle made the Superbowl in 2006 before stumbling upon mediocrity. They have won this division for the past four seasons only because it is the worst division in the NFL by a mile.

The Professor has already previewed Arizona and their possibly syphilis-ridden quarterback.

San Francisico have turned to new offensive co-ordinator Mike Martz to revamp a stagnant offense; this will either see them battling Seattle for the division title or it will backfire spectacularly and Martz's ticking time-bomb heart will finally blow up. When you are looking to implement a complex passing scheme into an offense with J.T O'Sullivan, Shaun Hill and Alex Smith to pick from at QB and wide receivers who are just okay, people are right to be unconvinced. Running back Frank Gore is the key; he had a disappointing 07/08, hampered by injuries and the death of his mother, but if he can get his running game going again the Niners will be competitive.

St. Louis are still rebuilding/sucking and RB Steven Jackson is holding out for a new contract. If I'm in the Rams management, I pay up. And throw in a few sweeteners. Without Jackson they are a dead carcass which will be stinking it up all season long. You don't have Tom Brady at QB or another gun RB...Pay up. Maybe even throw in a Lamborghini...

Seattle have a decent enough QB in Hasselbeck, a solid enough defense. On that basis they might make it five NFC West titles in a row as Arizona, San Francisco and St. Louis will no doubt be shooting themselves in the foot repeatedly throughout the season.

Now that's out of the way we can talk some real NFL.


Professor Chaos said...

I will offer this:

Arizona 8-8
Seattle 8-8
San Francisco 6-10
St Louis 3-13.

Duckworth and Lewis find a way to send the Cards through.

Captain Carnage said...

Honestly, who cares? Whoever wins is up for a first round playoff drubbing.

Professor Chaos said...

There will be enough dodgy teams playing on NFC wildcard weekend that i wouldn't be so sure that a west team couldn't fluke their way to week 2. Way the drubbing will certainly be on.

In honesty, I can't see a real powerhouse in the NFC. The Giants are reminiscent of the 05 Tigers in that they got hot at just the right time. The Cowboys are roundly overrated and the rest???

If the Eagles don't manage to shoot themselves in the foot it could be all theirs.