Monday, August 25, 2008

Beijing Wrap-up...

The best thing about the games for me was sitting at home watching sport instead of daytime crap TV when I was sick. More specifically though, I think the most awesome performance of the games was Kenenisa Bekele in the mens 5000m. Reasons I loved this was it feels like a horse race. There is strategy and you think a better commentator than BRUUCE would talk about runners having "the drop" or being "one out one back." Apart from that, it was just insane watching Bekele make a dash from the 2000m mark and drop runners one by one as he continuously ramped up the pace.

The worst performance of the games, Griggs and Daddo. Channel 7 in general. Whilst finals are going on all around, I have to watch a 10 minute montage of the "best of yum cha???" Go fuck yourself Channel 7. Oh yeah, and thanks for your constant reminders of how awesome your closing ceremony previews are going to be, while there is actual sport on.  About the only intelligence in Channel 7s coverage was Matthew White who had far too little work to do. 

The talking point that no one wants to talk about. Phelps' 7th gold medal that wasn't. Seriously, does anyone actually think that he touched the wall first. I am not trying to cut the guy down because his performance was phenomenal, but he did not touch first on that 7th gold.  Did any of Channel 7's Olympic analysts feel the need to mention this at all, or do they see the benefit of keeping mum about things as well. Seemingly, the commentators thought that making an inference about Phelps' record would be a career move as solid as making as AIDS joke and avoided it. The FINA release seems to suggest that Cavic didn't touch "hard enough" to stop the timing mechanism. But he touched it, right? 

Anyway, the games are over. As "exciting" as it all was, they realistically sit here in my pantheon of sports carnivals so I am not really shedding a tear.

Soccer World Cup
Rugby World Cup
Cricket World Cup
Rugby League World Cup - hA! 

Sick of questioning the market value of Stephanie Rice?? Good for you. A more interesting poll due up soon.

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