Saturday, August 9, 2008

Opening Ceremony review

I saw some of the opening ceremony. By some, I mean not a lot. However, I think I am more than able to summarize this for you...

Anyway, there were pigeons, kung-fu, singing, caligraphy and a bunch of other stuff.

It was, as all opening ceremonies are: A multi-billion dollar rock eisteddford. Guaranteed to have given the choreographers boners and that is about it.

Watching the bits of opening ceremony I caught, the only thing that I can compare it to is a wedding. 

"We have to have doves, Sydney had doves." 
"Yeah but the doves flew into the engines of the jets that flew above the stadium."
"I Want DOVES."
"Okay sweetie, It's your opening ceremony."

Knowing that my D-day is not too far away, one could only hope that the organisers at Beijing had given husbands to be the hope that you indeed could have a really basic opening ceremony and that no one would talk about it later.

Beijing let down the men of the world.

Beijing is pussy whipped.

Fortunately, unlike the opening ceremony, any decent wedding still has free booze.


Captain Carnage said...

If you ask me to be best man at your wedding I will not only organise Darrell Eastlake (see Beijing 2008: Weightlifting) as MC but will have a small child rise up on a highwire...

Professor Chaos said...

Big Daz is bucks night savvy only. Wonder what it would cost to get him to MC a country race meet!

If it was me making decisions like that; Big Daz would make my wedding!

Your only important BM function(and it is crucial, and FUCKING TOUGH) will be finding a suitable interstate/country racing festivus. You think there would be a picnic race meet somewhere in the country most weekends right??? Think again.