Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The Beijing Games Thus Far...

The Olyroos had their chances against Argentina. In saying that, they didn't look like scoring. When a chance was created they were like possums frozen in car headlights, bewildered that they had an opening on goal against such a quality opponent. You can't fault the boys for their effort though. They defended well under immense pressure, but lacked the quality up front to convert their own chances. A must win game coming up now against Cote d'Ivoire who hit four goals past Serbia.

A thoroughly disappointing effort from the Boomers against Croatia. The 15 point loss was flattering and Australia' perimeter defense was about as good as my Wednesday night team's perimeter defense. European teams invariably contain great shooters but we seemed totally unprepared for their outside threat. That was all I could gather from the 15 minutes or so that Channel 7 squeezed into their coverage at around 11.30 on Sunday night. After another thousand swimming heats. We take on defending Olympic champions Argentina today.

Liesel has "grown so much as a person" and "discovered herself" and can now finally, after being the best in her pet event for countless years, win Olympic GOLD!!!

Equestrian sucks balls. Why there is any coverage of this I have no idea. The most exciting part of equestrian is when the horse takes an untimely dump, or drains the slug.

China are Michael Phelps away from busting the gold medal tally wide open.

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