Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Hall of Schrutebaginess

Long overdue for a public bashing is one of my personal foes - Johanna Griggs. Let's clear something up, she was a crap swimmer who fucked Gary Sweet, sold the wedding photos to Women's Day and has been sleeping her way onto every two bit Channel 7 sport and home renovation show going. Now the problem I have is that I see her face everywhere, I know she must give one hell of a blow job, but instead of being treated to that I have to put up with her bullshit commentary of the Olympic Games. She won one bronze medal at a fucking Commonwealth Games. I wait with baited breathe until Stephanie Rice retires from the pool and takes Johanna down. Griggs, welcome to the Hall.

"I won a bronze at a shitty Commonwealth Games and then fucked someone who actually had talent"

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Captain Carnage said...

Wow, that's a lot of pent up anger there JB. But seriously, surely a Commonwealth Games swimming bronze qualifies you to host the Australian Open tennis does is not? There's only hundreds of Europeans with hard to pronounce names in the tournament...