Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Arizona Cardinals Preview

Channel 10's announcement that it will be covering some NFL games this year on HD has us excited at WHAB!

We will go through a bunch of NFL teams - what to look for, players to watch etc.

Starting with the Arizona Cardinals.

Arizona were overwhelmingly average in 2007. An 8-8 record in a mediocre devision. A +/- of 5. Not much has changed in the Cardinals personnel this year. So the real improvements will come based on health and another year of experience for rising star Matt Leinart.

Players to watch: Matt Leinart. Franchise quarterback who has shown that he is not at all picky based on his reported tryst with Paris Hilton. Gun arm, heaps of vision and confidence. However, based on Arizona's consistent issues in the offensive line, if syphilis doesn't get him first, a massive defensive lineman will. My bet is Julius Peppers in Week 8.

Great work Matt! Sort of... not at all...

Leinart will have the best receiving tandem in the NFL working with him in Anquan Boldin and Larry "Fitty" Fitzgerald. Scoring points has never been the Cardinals problem. Even with the likes of decline phase Kurt Warner and Jake Plummer under centre. The problem has always been one of defence. Not much should be different this year, with a very inexperienced secondary typified by their most reliable corner Amari Rolle moving to Free safety.

Prediction: Being in the NFL's worst division may be the tonic that the Cardinals need to advance to the playoffs this year. Seattle seem to be moving in the wrong direction, and St Louis and San Francisco seem at least a year away. I will put them as division winners with a mediocre 9-7 record.

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Captain Carnage said...

They could probably clinch the division at 6-10. I don't think they will though. Especially as they are doing their best to lose Boldin before the start of the season.