Friday, August 8, 2008

SBW's Footy Show Interview

Things I learned during the interview last night:

1. He went for money.
2. He is a "pioneer", he went so other players can one day get more money.
3. He is concerned that bus drivers don't get enough money.
4. His idea of being "ballsy" varies to mine.

Things I didn't learn:

1. Why he penned a five year contract when he was unhappy and had no intention of fulfilling it.
2. Why anyone would listen to Anthony Mundine and Khoder Nasser.
3. What bus drivers have to do with rugby league.
4. Much at all. In fact, I feel dumber for having had to sit through it. The thing's I do for WHAB!

And just one dollar for every "you know what I mean" during that interview...


Dan said...

I'm sick of Sonny Bill. Here's what I want to know: When are fullbacks (or 'custodians' if you prefer, Rabs) going to start 'chiming into the backline' again.

Remember 'chiming into the backline'? God, those were the days.

JB said...

He was unhappy and went for more money - cool, whatever. Good player - sure, irreplaceable - not by far. One thing our game has been producing plenty of is strong running semi-ball playing centers come second row. Mateo and Tupou have as much if not more skill then SBW.

Glen Stewart, Ryan Hoffman, Dallas Johnson, Chris Heighington, Liam Fulton, Simon Mannering, Michael Luck, Sam Thaiday, Greg Bird, Paul Gallen, John Sutton, Alan Tongue, Anthony Laffranchi, Mark Minichello and Chri Houston are all strong second rowers in the game who produce week in week out with plenty left to give to the game. Piss off Williams you are just one of many great talents in the game.

My big grief is how this is geting more of a beat up then Russel Crowes' conceierge. The game is not in any way in a 'dire' position. This hype over player drain is out of proportion. As I say for the A-League, the best policies to counter player drain is produce more young talented players. And when it comes to SBW replacements we have it covered.

Regardless of how many leave for French rugby or super league, the NRL is still in a good position to replace those who leave. Youth participaion is increasing and still provides greater carear development opportunites for young players then Aust rugby.

I don't expect players to be loyal to any one club, but I think they're fucked to expect the NRL or their club to suck their balls.

SBW wanted to be bigger than the game, and there isn't room for payers who think this way - Mundine tested it and SBW has proved it.