Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Chicago Bears Season Preview

"Orton goes deep to Marty Booker for the touchdown!" is one phrase you certainly won't be hearing this season. The Bears look to have the worst offense in the league with a rookie to start at running back, wide receivers who are either kick returners or would be very lucky to be second stringers on other rosters and a QB who stunk up 2005/2006 so badly it was beyond belief.

Kyle Orton's passing even makes himself drowsy...

It looks like a return to those good old days when a typical day at the office for Orton read like this: K.Orton 5/21, 43yds, 0TD, 3INT. And that's how you end up with a QB rating of 59.7. In the NRL you would give a rating like this to a halfback as bad as Daniel Holdsworth. This may even be harsh on Holdsworth as terrible as he has been for the past three or more years. When your offensive strength is actually your defense, that is not good. The Bears amazingly won 10 of 15 games in which Orton started in 05/06 but eventually the ridiculous amount of time the defense spent on the field took it's toll. So coach Lovie Smith has made the ingenius decision to start Orton this season after a couple of years in the wilderness...but admittedly, his other option Rex Grossman is not much better. Whereas the Bulldogs after years of Holdsworth mediocrity decided "You know what guys, Holdsworth sucks balls. He is absolute rubbish." and signed Brett Kimmorley, the Bears have stuck with two dreadful QB's instead of looking for someone else, anyone else to take snaps and as such, will be awful this year. Here's what the Chicago Times think:

Bears choose lesser of two evils in Kyle Orton

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

In one of the least interesting quarterback battles in recent NFL memory, the have announced that will be the team’s starter over for the Sept. 7 season opener against the Colts.

This is one of those times where a player didn’t so much win a job as he did less to lose it. Need numerical proof? Orton is 12-for-19 for only 99 yards through two preseason games compared to Grossman’s 13-for-23 for 118 yards with a touchdown and interception. Not exactly a Hall of Fame battle.

If it has even crossed your mind to take the $5 on Chicago to win the NFC North then you should seek psychiactric help immediately...

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