Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The Credibility Of the Brownlow Medal

For a moment last night, the Brownlow Medal was poised to officially become a complete nonsense. What do you expect when it's voted by umpires. AFL umpires are totally gay. Umpires see mid-fielders getting the ball. Sometimes getting a lot of the ball. Umpires think that because they are getting the ball all the time they must be the best players on the ground. Did Simon Black get a lot of touches this year? Yes. But did he deliver the ball accurately and use it effectively most of the time? No, he did not. I'm sorry, but the Brisbane Lions mid-field was SOLELY responsible for them not making the finals this year. And who is the leader in that group of mid-fielders? One Simon Black. The same Simon Black who the hierarchy of gaylord umpires voted to within one point of another Brownlow Medal, one that would have been thoroughly undeserved.

So congratulations to Adam Cooney, a deserving winner, a man who can hit a target from 25 metres away, and not a member of a mid-field who couldn't find their two gun full-forwards all year, ploughing the footy over their heads when not dropping it in too short.

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Professor Chaos said...

Yeah.. the Brownlow/Dally M systems reward the wrong guys most of the time. There is usually a reward for 1) Being a midfielder 2) playing for a team where you stand out...

It sucks.