Monday, September 8, 2008

Dear Steven Jackson

Hey fucker,

I drafted you first round in 2 of my 3 fantasy leagues this year. 

When you said that you were rejuvenated and ready to bounce back this year, I believed you. I picked you 4th! 4th! 

My fantasy football pride depends on you. 

14 carries for 40 yards and no TDs is what I expect out of a late round timeshare back you ass. 

You know who outran you today? Warrick Dunn. Warrick Dunn.

Get your shit sorted. 

St Louis isn't that far away you douche.


Professor Chaos. 


Shirtman said...

Bet you also have Tom Brady as your starting quarterback Prof!

Professor Chaos said...

No! That would have completely screwed me over. I avoided Brady like the plague this year, Romo was going 3-4 rounds later!

Captain Carnage said...

I had pick 3 in my draft and luckily had the sense to take Westbrook before Jackson...