Thursday, September 11, 2008

All Hail The Pimp

Pim "The Pimp" Verbeek continues to get the business done for the Socceroos. He's got the boys playing a nice brand of footy on the same wavelength, so they are able to adequately cover when missing starters. The makeshift defense held firm in last night's 1-0 win over the Uzbeks; in the pre-Guus/Pimp eras we would have lost that game for sure. The only sour note for the Socceroos is the RSPCA-Tashkent investigation into Lucas Neill smacking the ball at an injured and helpless bird on the pitch. The bird later died on the sidelines. A spokesman for Neill said "he thought the bird was Scott Chipperfield and was trying to play him in through the midfield, just an honest mistake". So with any luck Neill will be free to play against Qatar on October 15.

All aboard the Pimp Train! Next stop Brisbane!


Professor Chaos said...

Pity there is no game in Melbourne in the 3rd of November. That would totally suck to have a world cup qualifier the night before our Cup TILT!

Captain Carnage said...

Yeah, that would be unbearable! Go the WHAB Cup Tilt!