Monday, September 29, 2008

2008 George Main Stakes, Mentality

This was an insane market. I need to remember that this blogs aim here is to give some spring guidance - not for me to gloat about my big win.

Anyway, how WFA superstars like Ashikaga, Triple Honour and Gallant Tess come in well shorter than Mentality is beyond me. In Handicap conditions at this point, Mentality is gone. However, WFA horses in Sydney are few and far between. Racing to Win and Mentality are pretty much alone there. Triple Honour is a doncaster winner - true. However, he won that with 50 kg on his back. Add another 8 kilos and see how the Randwick mile swallows you now BOSSY!

Anyway, as for the rest of the spring, you can't overstate the case that this is WFA and the rest of your spring will be littered with handicap races. Theseo will come in really well under those conditions, as will Gallant Tess. They are two horses I would be wanting to follow based on this. Mentality could pop up again but he will find it harder when he is the only horse lugging that kind of weight.

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Professor Chaos said...

Oh yeah,
Bossy has managed to pick up the Epsom ride on Judged now.

God I hate that douche.