Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Selectors Say: We understand nothing about Rugby League!!!!

The NSW team has been announced for State of Origin game III. I really don't even want to talk about it. It makes so little sense. I wrote strongly last week about the misconception that was getting tossed around in Rugby League circles last week that the NSW origin team's disastrous game II performance was to be laid squarely at the feet of Wallace and Bird.
    Blues: Brett Stewart, Jarryd Hayne, Joel Monaghan, Matt Cooper, Anthony Quinn, Braith Anasta, Mitchell Pearce, Willie Mason, Danny Buderus (capt), Brett White, Craig Fitzgibbon, Ryan Hoffman, Paul Gallen. Interchange: Kurt Gidley, Anthony Laffranchi, Ben Cross, Anthony Tupou.

I understand that the changes in the halves were enforced. I have no arguments with the halves combination chosen. I like Carney a little more than Pearce at this stage, but I am glad the selectors did not revert to an Orford, Kimmorley or Finch.

Nothing has been done to address the massive weakness that the Blues had in game II - that is the engine room. Here is a list of guys that I would have considered to start the game in the 8/10 shirts for the Blues in game three:

Jason Ryles
Luke Bailey
Josh Perry (Has been shockingly good this year)

Maybe just working one of these three into the side. Preferably TWO. Actual, real PROPS.

Beyond that, Gidley must have played himself out of an origin spot in game II. I have never understood the utility that he brings. Below average cover at 1,6,7,9???? Want some spark out of Dummy half??? Pick Ennis. The damage that Ennis could do against a tiring forward pack would be far superior to Gidley's alleged utility.

The selectors have used the injuries to Wallace and Bird to avoid making real significant changes to address the area that went wrong in game two.


Captain Carnage said...

First of all, the halves were the logical choice given they play club footy together. Carney, as much as I'm a fan isn't ready for Origin. The reason is he plays for the Raiders and as much time as I have for the Raiders they can be very amateurish at times which rubs off a bit on Carney. Pearce is tough and has a great combination and kicking game with Anasta.

I'm also not happy that Bailey is not there but in fairness they did bring back a prop. Cross was super in game 1 and deserves to be back in the team. At least they got rid of Mr. Invisible.

Great to see the man with the magic hands get a gig in Monaghan.

Surely there was a bench spot for Feleti Mateo even if he does want to suit up for Tonga.

Lastly, I have no time for anyone who suggests Jason Ryles should play Origin again. He is in the basket forever labelled "Origin softcocks" along with the likes of Jason Stevens. He is one of the most stupid players in the game to boot. Sure he gets a lot of offloads but most of them find the grass or an opponent. I find it ridiculous that on the back of his fantasy stats alone that this big girl of a man was even in the mix. If you watch the Dragons play, you cringe every time this baffoon has the ball because the likelihood is high that he'll do something inane. Loves to give away stupid penalties as well, sometimes even when the game is on the line. He should stick to his forte; hissy fits and tanty's. He is rubbish. End of story.

Professor Chaos said...

Not suggesting I would pick Ryles.
If I had to pick a pack for origin this year it would be:



Ryles only suggested as someone who is likely to offer more up front than Mason. Or White. Hard to be too down on White for one bad game, but he doesn't have enough good games to go with it.

Captain Carnage said...

Just remembered...Bailey was injured last night and couldn't return so that probably ruled him out. Ryles has more up front than Mason? That's a big call. In the Origin's I saw him play he was running away from the QLD props. You've Ryled me up on this one!