Friday, June 13, 2008

Dollars and Sense

Captain: The Captain's punting form is so bad that he has drafted in some help. I reckon the missus can turn things around for me so let's see what she's got! She tips horses by jockeys sporting purple or horses that she likes the names of...could be a winning strategy against this riff-raff!

BR2 no. 5, Supreme Agenda $10 e/w
BR4 no. 3, Magic Promenade $20 win
BR5 no. 14, Strawberry Sky $10 e/w
BR6 no.6, Easy Rocker $20 win
BR8 no. 1, Spinney $20 win

Well despite picking winners in the sport I haven't been converting it into dollars thanks mainly to my appetite for getting a little carried away. So in an attempt to restrain myself I give you my weekly insights:

$15 Multi on
Hawthorne / Adelaide @ $2.00
Collingwood / Carlton @ $1.38
Richmond / Melbourne (1-39) @ $2.25
Spain/Sweeden (Half/Full time) @ $2.45
Portugal / Switzerland @ $2.25
Paying $34.23

$15 Multi on
Roosters / Panthers (1-12) @ $3.10
Sharks / Warriors (1-12) @ $3.10
Tigers / Eels (13+) @ $3.95
Spain/Sweden (Half/Full time) @ $2.45
Portugal / Switzerland @ $2.25
Paying $209.25

$20 Multi on
Spain/Sweden (Half/Full time) @ $2.45
Portugal / Switzerland @ $2.25
Paying $5.51

I will be the first to admit good fortune last week in the Straddie, but let's see if it will continue into this weekend's racing:

$15 W Randwick Race 8, No. 9 "Carry on Dude"
$15 W Randwick Race 6, No. 2 "Eagle Rock"
$20 W Randwick Race 4, No. 1 "Star of Crown"


Well, my punting has been abysmal for the last fortnight, time to snap out of it!

Sticking to racing generally speaking this week.

$20 on Australia into Spain into Portugal. Paying $2.15*$2.45*2.25 = 11.85.

$15 on Mr Aristos in BR 6, Likewise, $15 on Cocktail Supreme in BR 6 - can't help throwing money at the Supreme. Last chance.

$35 on Synonym in BR 7.

$15 on old Frosty the Hood in BR 4.

There we go, a couple of my favourites get around in BR 6, showing support for the Socceroos and Synonym could be a star in the making. Love it.


Captain Carnage said...

I must commend you on your restraint with that $209 multi!

JB said...

Well I asked my better half and she reckons (for what its worth)
BR2 no.7 Modern Glamour
Br4 no.10 Our Magic
BR5 no.11 Dance Girl Dance
BR6 no.5 Blood n Bone
(she would of loved to have
'Foolish' with JB on board)
BR7 no.6 Diamondsondinside
Its a bet off!
- put a cork in it zane

JB said...

Well I'm glad I picked some cash on the Eagle Rock, no luck for the captain or his misses. Professor did his homework and had a nice victory on Frosty.

Captain Carnage said...

Yeah a shame the missus wasn't on song but she did mention that Ipswich was a bogan day of racing and that she didn't really care much for bogans. Can I have a bye week after the Winter Stks next week? This weekly betting at the biggest lull in the betting year is driving me nuts...NRL teams without Origin players, Euro, rubbish racing fields, it hardly makes me want to unload $100. Will give it one more week (Winter Stks) or I'm resting till something interesting is on...

Professor Chaos said...

Love the football multi... $20 on the Spain, Protugal, Australia triple!

And Frosty the Hood! Hurrah, it's a good weekend of results.

Professor Chaos said...
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Professor Chaos said...

I think you may have set a punting record JB!
Not only have you put together a convoluted $209 multi, but I think every line is wrong!