Friday, June 6, 2008

The Festival of the Wallet


$50 on Geelong, Hawthorne, Sydney, Brisbane, Bulldogs, Collingwood all by more than 15.5 into Portugal/Turkey into Titans and Tigers paying $16.86

$50 Following the Professor with $10 place on Mr Baritone, $10 place on Hellideck, $15 win Casino Prince and $15 win on El Cambio

Captain: Fuck betting on weekly sport. It sucks balls. They call RACING the Sport of Kings...

$35 on Casino Prince
$13 each way on Pinnacles
$11 each way on Chinchilla Rose
$5 win on Swiss Ace
Boxed trifecta with these four at a half, cost $12.

A very open race but think the Captain has well and truly nailed this one. Enjoy!


All my bets are on the Straddie! Yeah.
$20 on Diplomatic Force (When I think of this horse I think of)

$30 on El Cambio!
Swiss Ace: 10/10
Helideck: 5/10
Atapi: 5/10

Spreading the love around. Like JB, he's anyone's after a few cosmos.

Dorothy Mantooth is a SAINT!

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