Wednesday, June 4, 2008


Whenever I watch an Origin match that features Steve Simpson I always become confused immediately following the game; "Was Simpson really playing? Came on for the last 10 minutes? Maybe that's why I didn't notice, he started? Really?". I cannot believe this man keeps getting picked for NSW. Especially when the Blues have lost a starting front rower; replacing him with a second rower who disappears for large passages of play is surely a bad move. On the upside for Blues fans, Brent Tate is moving to the centres to cover for the suspended Hodges. That could well spell disaster for the Maroons. With the axing of Lilyman, Tate will be the worst-performed player of 2008 on the field at Suncorp Stadium. QLD do get back Lockyer which is obviously great news but will he get through the match? I have a query on his fitness, and have no doubt the Blues forwards will use him as a speedbump, but after the ludicrous selection of Hunt for the first match this was very much a necessary gamble. I have to ask, why is Hunt still in the side over Prince? Picking a fullback for the utility position is completely retarded. There are two possible explanations. Either Prince has slept with one or more of the selector's wives or Hunt has slept with one or more of the selectors. Gidley comes in as a straight swap for Hornby which was on the cards. Utility for utility. The Blues selectors seem to understand the concept. Obviously Cameron Smith is playing the full 80 minutes at dummy half in this one. In other changes, an underdone Steven Price is always a better Origin option than an overweight Carl Webb and anyone (Ashley Harrison in this case) is better than Lilyman. Joel "Magic Hands" Monaghan is on standby for either Gasnier or Hayne. More on Origin II to follow closer to the match.

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SportingMind said...

Carnage, i agree on the Hunt/Prince point. Hunt clearly had a gay orgy with Meninga, Des Morris and Gene Miles. I hate to wonder whether Chris "Choppy" Close was also involved somewhere in this tryst.

Prince should be there but he's not, which could cost the Queenslanders dearly. He's the kind of player who could give a master class and just blow the game apart.