Thursday, June 12, 2008

Origin II Reflections

* I woke up the morning after Origin II and after a solid breakfast of 8 panadols I thought to myself (not for the first time) "Did Steve Simpson play last night?".

* Tony Archer; the Hometown Hero. A terrible performance dictated by the home crowd. Even parochial QLDer's would have to ask why this dipshit awarded 16 penalties in an Origin match. Watching the Hannant try I correctly predicted it would be Refs Call and that Archer would give it a try. There was nothing surer. And once again the douchebag referees boss Robert Finch refuses to acknowledge the ineptitude of one of his bum-chums.

* Gasnier and Turner in defence... you all watched the match, that's all I really need to say.

* I've watched a lot of Rugby League but I can't remember watching a team that never even remotely looked like scoring as was the case with NSW.

* They were so bad they made Brent Tate look awesome, Incurable Neckitis and all.

* Willie Mason should be bound, gagged, locked in a vault and fed sedatives up until just before kickoff for Origin III lest the stupid bastard be tempted to shoot his mouth off again.

* And's only 1-1. You ain't won shit yet. Especially if the Hometown Hero gets the gig for Origin III.

***The author wishes to inform readers that he was absolutely hammered on Origin night and recollections may be hazy***


JB said...

The calls the ref mad in origin 1 were far worse than any in origin 2

I don't think you have to worry about Masons mouth but rather his spine, he played about as much as simpson did

NSW no doubt can play better than this (and will in game three) but the great thing is that Qld can also lift there game another notch.

Captain Carnage said...

My point JB is that Archer is not up to Origin fullstop. I'm not going to go into which was the worst refereeing performance but I don't remember him getting whistle happy in front of the sticks for Game 1. You think 16 penalties was on the money? Half of them weren't there champ. And if Hannant went over for that try in Sydney he would have ruled held up. He's a Hometown Hero. When I think of him I start singing that 1927 song "Compulsory Hero" but substitute "Hometown" for "Compulsory". Mason had a terrible game but seriously did Simpson play? Really?

JB said...

I couldn't agree more that Archer has the video ref in one ear and the crowd in the other. But no one here was complaining about the ref after game one. Suck it up champ, thats football.

Captain Carnage said...

Well you should have been complaining. That's what a blog is for champ. And one gets the feeling that you'll definitely be complaining after a "Hometown Hero" raping in Sydney.