Monday, June 8, 2009

WHAB in Lockdown

Our writers here at WHAB are currently in quarantine with full-blown Swine Flu. I personally blame dirty QLD'ers like Ben Hannant,

who don't think of the implications that rooting pigs can have on everyone else. Anyway while we've been bunkered down, QLD won Origin I after some highly dubious refereeing decisions, England got rolled by the Netherlands (!!!) in the T20 World Cup, Black Piranha shed his Group 1 bridesmaid tag in the Stradbroke Hcp, Brett Lee bowled an awful array of pies that were smashed to all corners of the Old Dart, the Socceroos officially qualified for South Africa 2010, "Bestial" Ben Hannant slept with a pig and gave everyone even remotely involved in the NRL Swine Flu, Jensen Button (!) continued to make it look like the rest of the field were racing ride-on lawnmowers, and Roger Federer finally blubbered his way to the French Open crown.

Who knows how long we'll be bailed up in this hell-hole with this miserable virus. "Hey JB, throw us another beer will ya!". Yeah this really sucks. "Professor, get the door will ya, that'll be room service!". Anyway, we better get back to being violently ill with this epidemic monstrosity that is Swine Flu. Check out our story in the coming days on Today Tonight and ACA...and be afraid very could happen to you.....

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