Monday, June 15, 2009

Show Some Respect!

Tim Cahill was refused service at Sydney bar Trademark over the weekend before being shown the door. Who exactly the fuck do these people think they are?! This isn't just another boozed up League star here, this is Tim Cahill, the golden boy of football in this country:

Take that Japan!

What were these idiots doing when this was on? The man is a fucking national hero! A national hero should be able to drink as much as he pleases without being harassed by wanker pub staff. How dare these assholes throw him out! Fuck you Trademark and your bonehead security staff! Tim Cahill is the fucking best!


Professor Chaos said...

Did you even google trademark? The real story here is what national hero Tim Cahill was doing at a gay bar. Or at least an RNB bar featuring the hottest DJs like BENNY B???

You know B stands for backdoor.

You know who wouldn't be at this place, national hero MARCO the BRESH!

Captain Carnage said...

Tim Cahill can do whatever he wants or go wherever he wants in my book. If he's into Benny B,then so fucking be it!

Did you watch the clip? "Tim Cahill's done it again!!!"...fuck yeah...