Wednesday, May 27, 2009

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I have been quiet since the announcement of the NSW Origin team; this is possibly because I'm still in shock that the selectors didn't do something completely fucking stupid like they usually do. For the first time in ages, they have picked form players, in their specialist positions, and have resisted "staying loyal" to guys who have been getting creamed by QLD for the last few years. As usual though, they have overlooked a couple of current Australian players in Watmough and Laffranchi...all I can think of is that these guys must be suspected of boning the selectors' wives to miss out. Ennis can consider himself unlucky as well, especially if your name is Professor Chaos, see below. They are very unlucky, but, then again, one can't really argue with the form of the players they have picked in their places. The Campese/Wallace halves combination...I haven't ever looked forward as much to seeing a pairing like this. Hopefully Jennings gets some space to show his blinding speed and he, Hayne and McManus can hold their own against Folau and Inglis. Oh, and Boyd...he's a real monster out there on the wing...A special shout-out must go to Michael Weyman! One look at the before & after and all you can say is "Thanks Wayne Bennett!".

In other news, QLD has picked their standard bunch of homos.

Also, for those of you who haven't yet had enough of the group sex scandal fiasco, check out the Chaser tonight.

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