Thursday, May 7, 2009

Damir Arrested!

My old mate Damir Dokic has been arrested in Serbia for nothing more than being in posession of a couple of home made "bombs", and boldly saying this: "I've told Australians I'll kill their ambassador in Serbia if they do not find and sanction the man that spreads lies about Jelena and me. I'm a war veteran and I'll kill her (the ambassador) with a hand grenade launcher in centre of Belgrade. I know Serbian police could arrest me because of this words. However, I'm not afraid as this is the only way to stop the journalistic scam from Australia". This is surely just another witch-hunt, again masterminded by Australians in high places. Having interviewed the man earlier this year, I find it hard to believe that Damir's intentions are anything but honourable. All the man has ever wanted was for his daughter not to be a lesbian, reasonably priced fish, and for Australians to get some good old fashioned come-uppance. "I have an arsenal of weapons in my house. I have a licence for all the weapons I have," he said. "I don't have a bazooka, but it is not a problem for me to get a bazooka. On Australians, he re-iterated; "I have always said you can't make good people out of crime and bitch prostitute...they are the crazy ones who give you sausages and no water when it's 40 degrees outside." Furthermore, Damir gave his views on discipline after wayward daughter Jelena accused him of beating her; "There is no child that was not beaten by parents — the same with Jelena. If I was ever a little bit more aggressive towards Jelena, it was for her sake," he said. "When I was young I was beaten by my parents and I am now thankful to them for that because that helped me to become the right person."

Damir, rudely interrupted from penning his memoirs to be arrested!

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