Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Wednesday afternoon rantings...

The first thing to get out there; We'll Have a Bowl favourite Phil Gould has been stepped down from interviewing David Gallop on tomorrow nights NRL footy show.

The feud started (or continued) over some pretty heated words on Triple M radio on Monday night, where Gallop was being interviewed and Gould called in and was quite hostile towards Gallop. It is some hilarious audio.
Gould sounds like a complete douchebag. More hilarity is the jock "journalist" using phrases like "the fair dinkum department."

I am not sure where I stand on this mess. On the one hand, Channel Nine looks somewhat weak by allowing the NRL to dictate who interviews it's chief executive. Some would suggest that the NRL is using Channel Nine as its mouthpiece. One wonders if Alan Fels would have jumped in when he exerted Hoover-esque control over the nation's media back in the 90's.

However, the other side is equally valid. Gallop has no responsibility to be interviewed on the Footy Show. Thus, as an interviewee he is entitled to expect courtesy and the opportunity to present his arguments. It seems quite unlikely that this opportunity would be presented by Gould. If I had the choice, I would sidestep Gould as well. Imagine, a fired up Gould, centimetres from your face. Repeating "I told you so," "I told you so" whilst you smell nothing but Kielbasa, Old Spice and Shame. No thanks. And you know he is a spitter. I heard from a friend of a friend of someone who knows the cleaner at Nine that they have to airbrush all of the Gould footage to get the spit out of camera.

Anyway, contrary to what the last 200 words would suggest, I don't really care. I'll be watching the Amazing Race which is always good.

Memo to Channel Nine: if you want to win the ratings battle on Thursday nights, something more like the Sunday Roast would probably help. If I wanted to watch middle-aged jocks make douchebags of themselves I would go to a different high-school reunion every week.

The Captain made the point: "no one thinks highly of Nathan Brown enough for him to be overrated." I refer him to this: Sure it was written by the guy who replaces Phil Gould in my "to kill list" over the summer, Robert Craddock, but there it is. Seriously Robert Craddock, for your crusade against the most visually appealing batsman I have ever viewed, I will kick you in the nuts one day. Maybe tomorrow. But probably not.


Dan said...

Completely agree on the Sunday Roast thing - that's the only Footy Show I ever watch these days.

I hadn't heard the interview previously - entertaining stuff. My admiration for David Gallop continues to grow.

But, moving back to the fair dinkum department for a second, who did Robert Craddock crusade against? I try not to pay too much attention to Crash's ramblings, so maybe I missed this one.

JB said...

Gould is a douche, maybe we should rename our hall to "gould hall".
Was it just me or did he sound like a fucking 2 year old during that interview. whah whah, just fuck off already gould.
To be fair I think Gould was just more pissed that he would have to fly to france to get his balls licked by his favourite bitch.

Captain Carnage said...

For a moment during that interview I was on the edge of my seat...I thought Gould was actually going to explode...sadly not.

Since when did Craddock start writing about Rugby League? That is horrifying. Then again, just about anyone could get a start in the Courier Mail. I'm just waiting for Mundine's regular column...

And Dan, I believe the Professor is talking about his beloved Mark Waugh...

Professor Chaos said...

The Craddock crusade against Mark Waugh it is.
The nut kicking will come.