Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Final thoughts for Origin III

I can't understand why you would contemplate starting Gidley instead of Stewart. Gidley was chosen as an alleged utility... and now our utility is Stewart? Whatever. I would definitely start Cross and bring Mason on after 15 mins or so. NSW should use Monaghan's magic hands and aerial ability to their advantage and play him on Tate. In Origin I, Quinn scored off a bomb and Tate was caught embarrassingly out of position. The kicking game is there with the Roosters halves...use it! And if Tate somehow emulates his Origin II fluke then I'll be the first to tip my hat to him. Leave Inglis to the defensively sound Cooper.

Hard to find any reason why QLD will change their starting line-up from Game II. Hunt will probably start again and be inspirational (?). Most fans realise that the forwards hold the key in any League match. The Blues pack went AWOL in the second match but bear in mind that the QLD pack was missing in action in the first. It seems the opposition packs in the first two games couldn't lift with the hostile crowds yelling out nasty things at them.

Enjoy the game people, may the best team win and may the referee be largely unnoticed. I'm off to the TAB to unload on NSW to win, Monaghan to score first try, and Pearce and Anasta for MOM...


JB said...

Tate was out of position in game one, as too Folau being on the left. Don't know what Bellamy has up his sleeve but switching his centres and starting cross are better than starting with Gidley. Surely you would want Gidley fresh if and when you inject him into the halves/dummy half.

Been alot of talk about NSW shuting down the Qld pack especially Price and Civoncivea. The reality of it is that firing in the NSW props for the first 20 mins will suit the Qld props down to a tee. They know that being strong in the first 20 means nothing if you can't back it up for the next 60. Thats what you have to love about price and petro.

In the first game they were there, they were just ineffective. Really missed the pressure on the kick that price gives and the Qld had nothing in the halves directing play. Love the idea of starting hunt as fullback. Slater got smashed in game one bringing the ball back from the kicks, an area that hunt excels at. For my mind I would rather see Slater on the wing and drop Boyd to then bring in a real offensive weapon from the bench(usually Bowen but given his injury would give marsh another go or Wesser even friend from the titans).

As it stands NSW were lucky in a way losing both the halves and being able to inject an already developed partnership in Pearce and Anasta. I think NSW would have been in the shit had it been Pearce and Bird.

But its up front that this will be won. Not in terms of who can put a few big hits on early, but who can continually get over the advantage line and lock the opposition in their own half.

Qld at 1.60 - way too short, believe they can do it but NSW at $2.47 is the better bet. I think NSW to score first but think it might be Anasta or Hoffman (both paying above $20) running of Fitzgibbon. Qld in the end by 12 (paying $23). MOM - Prince at $7 or Folau at a juicy $26.

Professor Chaos said...

Happy to be in the NSW camp right now. Think we will go alright.
A has a spare ticket for tonight and he paid $95 for it! I said no thanks!

The Grand Old Girl will be well under capacity again and trying to charge $95???

Anyway, happy with Monners to score first, NSW to win. Loaded up on the $2.40!!!

The Cross will have to play out of his skin, he is the only guy who can offer us what Civ and Price offer QLD.

Dan said...

Lots of talk about Buderus's records tonight, but surely he must now be the losingest NSW captain ever.

Walk around with a big 'L' on your forehead all week, Danny.