Friday, July 4, 2008

And in the red corner...Ben Cross!

Ben Cross was one of NSW's best in the two State of Origin matches he played this year. The only down side to his game, according to WHAB "foighting" expert Russell Crowe, is "foighting".

"He's a good player but 'e can't foight!" exclaimed Crowe after the match. "I'm gonna take him 'round the world with me good mate Tugger 'n show 'im 'ow to foight!".

Cross was quoted as saying he would "rather sit through a week's worth of Master and Commander bloopers and out-takes than accompany that lunatic anywhere".

Tommy Raudonikis also suggested Cross needed to work on his technique. "He was just throwing punches at thin air. Then I think 'e was punchin' his own team-mate. I can see the kid's got heart but when the "cattledog" call comes out he's got no idea!".

The most damning report came from Canberra's Michael Weyman, considered to be the NRL's best biffer. "He's a top player and a top bloke but he'd get knocked out by a rabid chihuahua on that form!".

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