Sunday, February 1, 2009


Strategically placed day off work...check. Watery American beer...check. Ingredients for nachos...check. I'm all set then for Superbowl XLIII featuring the Arizona Cardinals and the Pittsburgh Steelers, a classic offense vs defense matchup. I'll always take the defense in a Superbowl, and thus, am tipping a Steelers victory. It will be interesting to see just how the Cards offense goes against the #1 defense in the NFL. I'm tipping another big game from Troy Polamalu. The guy makes defense fun to watch and is at $18 for the MVP, so get on that people. If you want to be boring and take a QB for MVP, the rewards just aren't there, with Roethlisberger at $2.50 and Warner at $4. Looking deeper in the market, Australia's first ever Superbowl starter Ben Graham has also been backed off the map, into $101. This would have to be the shortest price ever for a punter to win a Superbowl MVP! My advice would be to buy a packet of beer nuts rather than burn a fiver on Graham. The chances of him winning a Superbowl MVP are as good as mine!

Anyway, should be a great game, quite a few points scored and some big plays from guys like Warner, Big Ben, Larry Fitzgerald and hopefully Troy Polamalu to fatten the wallet. Pittsburgh to be belting out "We Are The Champions" for mine.

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