Saturday, February 7, 2009

Captain Clarke Gives Us Hope For the Future

Well the 2nd ODI gives us a sample of the Aussie cricket team under Michael Clarke. Given that Clarke has "learnt everything he can about being a captain from Ricky Ponting" and judging by his selfish pursuit of a 4th ODI century, as captain of his country, in which he forgot that 225 is an absolute rubbish ODI score, even against a crappy NZ outfit, our national cricket team appears doomed for a long time. I want to re-iterate here...NZ are very average. But they look comfortable chasing scores that they would more likely be set by Zimbabwe. I am calling for an entire overhaul of the team. Warner...well it was fun for a while there. The Hussey brothers...there may be a Test series around the corner for you guys. White...White??? Can anyone tell me why the fuck he's still in the side??? Bowling; shite. Batting; shite. Fielding; pretty shite too. Johnson's penchant for rubbish wide bowling doesn't attract nearly as many rash shots as in the Test forum, instead we have to settle for a ridiculous number of wides/leg byes down leg side. Hilfenhaus can swing the, yeah that's great, just wish he didn't go for 60 off his ten every game...except when NZ are only chasing scores low enough to be set by the UAE. A clue usually helps when you're bowling at the death. Luckily for Hauritz, he didn't roll his piss-weak arm over tonight or there'd be a 50,000 word diatribe on his shiteness. And Punter captaincy clone Clarke, if there is one thing I'll say about the captain, it's that he would have put his team before a moderately paced ODI hundred. Opening the batting and still being short of a century in the 48th over is not cool. You should at least be hovering near 140 by that stage. I'm disgusted with you M. Clarke...obviously the most over-rated woman on the planet is distracting you from all things cricket. That M. Hussey/M. Clarke bore-fest epitomises everything that has gone wrong for this once proud cricketing nation. My heart is heavy watching this crap. The bell is tolling for you, suckful Aussie cricketers...Just re-iterating; this NZ side is fucking useless and they are 2-0 up somehow! Get ya fucking shit together!


Professor Chaos said...

I've never cheered for an Aussie to get out for 98 before.

It felt dirty, but so right at the same time.

Captain Carnage said...

Life's full of tough choices, but we both know it was the right thing to do.