Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Going too far?

Whenever a personality leaves "community" radio or television and moves to "commercial" radio or television people (read: douchetards) like to prattle on about how that personality has "sold out."

People have to look after themselves and their families. Hating the Telegraph as I do, if they offer me a heap of cash to write about sport, I'd likely take it. Even if it meant a moratorium on the Glen Boss bashing. Even if it meant having to see Phil Gould and his dickface in lunch room every day. 

However, when I see the ads for Roy and HG on Triple M I just vomit in my mouth a little. Leave, by all means. Take the money. DON'T pretend that hanging out with "Ugly Phil and Sammy" fills you with anything but revulsion. 
Roy: "What are you doing Sammy?"
Sammy: "I'm playing music that rocks..."
Professor: "Really, you still have Khe Sanh on fucking high rotation. Khe Sanh! Is it 1983? Seriously? Next you'll try to tell me that you are engaging in a discussion about Schrodingers Cat." 
Ugly Phil: "Listen, I don't know what's wrong with your cat but I have a double shot of Good Charlotte to play...."


Captain Carnage said...

Would love to have heard more of that lunch room chat. Fascinating stuff...

SportingMind said...

Yes, Chaos, well said. And it wasn't so long ago that John Doyle was just a humble apprentice on a Lithgow community radio station. I don't mind that they've "sold out", but Triple M is nothing but a kitsch, cliche-laden embodiment of xenophobic Australia, claiming to cater to our "rock music" needs. I'd love to get a podcast of John Doyle humoring "Ugly" Phil in the coffee room.

As for the program, I preferred Roy and HG on JJJ: fumbling through the newspapers on a lazy Sunday arvo, accidently pressing wrong buttons resulting in shitloads of dead-air, HG not knowing any of the songs that he has just played, conducting lengthy interviews with people who just feel like having a shit-talk about nothing, etc. The commercial radio medium does not suit them.

Professor Chaos said...

Agreed Sportingmind. I will have to go out for all origin games this year, as now I can't turn down the inane Vautin/Warren/Gouldfest and hear Roy and HG.

Sure it will be on triple M, but it will be sharper and interspersed with Dare Ice coffee ads.