Tuesday, January 13, 2009


On Sunday evening as the Aussies openers came out to bat at the MCG, the name David Warner flashed up on the screen. I asked rhetorically and out loud "Who's David Warner?". The missus was passing through and thought I was talking to her...she didn't know either. So there you have it; two days ago, my missus knew as much as I did about David Warner, such has been his meteoric rise. It's hard to think of an Aussie sportsmen who has captured the public imagination in the same way Warner has but when you can smack Dale Steyn around like he's a C-grade warehouse cricketer, than kudos to you son. There have been calls (from the likes of Shane Warne, Bill Lawry and Boof Lehmann) for him to be included in the one-day side immediately with a view to the Ashes; perhaps a bit premature for a tour of the Old Dart, but he should definitely be given an opportunity at some stage durung this ODI series. The guy has got people genuinely excited about cricket and has injected some life back into the Aussie team after a deflating home series loss in the Tests. Looking forward to another big innings tonight, at a reportedly fungus-ridden Gabba...best go over the top then. Hopefully he can put Steyn over the fence a couple more times!

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