Friday, January 23, 2009

Is It Feeeer?

The Australian cricket community was left bemused yesterday with NSW hiring a Kiwi for the domestic T20 final. Andrew Symonds, in particular, was outraged and claimed that it was an un-Australian act by the New South Welshmen. And for once, I agree with him. Whilst Victoria (T20 finalists also) haven't cried foul as yet, you can bet they will if they are beaten by a Brendan McCullum cameo on Australia Day weekend. McCullum was quick to hose down the controversy, saying "I know it doesn't seem feer, and people are a but upseet, but under-arm wasn't feer either and we were upseet about thet for yeers. In fect, we're still upseet about thet, even after all these yeers". New South Wales coach Matthew Mott was unapologetic. "What's the big deal? Contracts and rules and making a mockery of the domestic T20 Big Bash concept shouldn't get in the way of entertainment. If Victoria had any sense, they woud have been on the blower to Chris Gayle or even Andrew Symonds". Actually, I have an even better idea:

Seizing the initiative, glamour A-League club Melbourne Victory have reportedly been in talks with Brazilian superstar Kaka, after his negotiations with Manchester City broke down. "I can't say too much at this stage, but we might be looking to bring in a superstar to win the grand final for us!" exclaimed Victory coach Ernie Merrick. Merrick added, "Just like the NSW cricket team, we want to win at all costs. So if it means burning $10 million, signing a superstar for one game, making a mockery of the league, and listening to Adelaide or Frank Farina or whoever whinging about it for the next fifty years, then so be it!".


Moses @ Beer and Sport said...

There's a little bit more to it than just the T20 final... by playing this game prince Brendan qualifies to represent us in the Champions League if the Hasselhoffs fail to get in.

Considering the two IPL teams who make that get first pick of our players, I can understand bolstering the squad.

And he'll fill a nice hole, with our first choice opening batsman and first choice wicketkeeper on national duty ;)

Captain Carnage said...

I just think it's ludicrous that he can be drafted in for just the final, Champions League or no. Surely there should be something put in place so a guy at least has to sign up for a few games. I can't think of any other sport where you can pop in for a one match cameo in a particular competition. Anyhow, I guess it'll add a bit more interest to the match and possibly sell some more tickets. But the question it feeer?!

Captain Carnage said...

And now Gilchrist might be playing for Victoria! There might not be any members of either side who actually got them this far playing, just superstar ring-ins!