Friday, January 2, 2009

Australia vs South Africa, Third Test.

I will start by applauding the Australian selectors (for the first time in about 15 years) for selecting some promising new faces. I will continue by berating them for doing it far too late. Anyhow, Australia will take to the SCG looking to restore some of the pride that has been dwindling away, thanks to the selectors and Captain Head-In Hands Ponting's complete lack of imagination. We all still bear the scars of the Ashes tour debacle (not completely healed by our whitewash back home), and now, we have suffered the ignominy of a home series defeat. A home series defeat?!?! And sure, we are all disappointed that Dougie Bollinger has grown hair, but if not a mean, bald guy who you wouldn't want to stumble across late at night, then he is a heck of a bowler:

"Are the Aussie selectors watching any of my fucking NSW matches?!"

Andrew McDonald is a great inclusion as well. If Symonds ain't bowling, and correct me if I'm wrong, but is he not the all-rounder that the selectors have decided that we must have, above all else? And if not Symmo, then we must have Watson. Well dipshits, how about a guy who can actually bat as well as he can bowl? Isn't that the definition of an all-rounder?! I'm disgusted with the current state of this team, but am excited to see some new faces who might actually offer something to the team when given a run. South Africa are the number 1 Test side in the world now, so let's not kid ourselves. It's the perfect time to display some talent from the best domestic cricket competition in the world...thankfully the selectors finally think these guys are ready. Now the geniuses led by Andrew Hilditch just need to grow some balls and oust Ponting as captain, at the same time, not giving it to Captain Punter clone Michael Clarke. If a man has learnt everything he knows about captaincy off Ricky Ponting, then, he too, might lose us an Ashes.


Moses @ Beer and Sport said...

G'Day Captain Carnage,

Symonds was a fielding all-rounder, then he started limping around the field so Ponting said he was in the team as a specialist number 6 batsman. Who scored 29 and 0. Surely he's not the best number 6 batsman in the country even when fit?

Watson broke his back and is out for 6 months.

Ashley Noffke would have been the next but he's got a back injury too.

Then they pull McDonald out of a hat, or as JRod puts it, pressed the red panic button. I blame Flintoff, but surely there has to be a time when we give up on the all rounder and pick someone like Marcus North who is the best performing spinner in the shield despite being a part time bowler and full time run machine.

Btw great blog you've got here, fancy a link swap to ?

Professor Chaos said...

Concur on North.. good choice.

Though I think that McDonald could become a crowd favourite like Hogg - minimal talent, always smiling looks goofy. For that reason alone you have to give him a few tests!

We'll hook the link up later today!

Moses @ Beer and Sport said...

He's got a bit of Oram about him.. could take vital wickets and there's always the 'RANGA.. RANGA' chant to keep it interesting

Captain Carnage said...

I disagree that McDonald has minimal talent but agree that he has crowd pleaser potential. Since the start of the 2006-07 summer, Ronnie has scored 1619 runs at an average of 52.22 and taken 57 wickets at 30.47 for Victoria. So the only real surprise to me in his selection is that the selectors actually boned Symonds. Of course, Ronnie wouldn't have got the call-up if Watson was fit, (because we all know that Aussie cricket is going nowhere without Watson right?!) but as long as he gets the job done, I couldn't care less if he looked like Dame Edna out there...well maybe that's going a bit too far...

For what it's worth, I think that his medium pace is exactly what we need when complimented by some good quality spin bowling. Nathan Hauritz is not of said good quality. He is rubbish and should not be bowling for Australia. I've never seen a spinner look so innocuous on a Day 5 minefield. Time, effort and patience would be well spent invested in Krejza with a view to the future.

Nice blog over there @ Beer and Sport.

Professor Chaos said...

He looked a tad overmatched with the bat.
Short innings/on debut and all that so benefit of the doubt for sure.

Have to wonder what a 50ish average with the bat and 30ish with the ball translates to at test level. Might get number crunching.. it beats doing it for work!