Friday, September 11, 2009

Wheres the Kudos

As I settle in to the start of the NRL finals I can't help but reflect on my top8 prediction. Just a quick reminder that JBs NRL top eight were:

Sea Eagles

Apart from panthers instead of eels (which I pointed out in the discussion) I had all the right teams in the 8 and apart from Storm/Titans and Knights/Broncos they were in the right order.

Final note, the 'touched by an eagle' fantasy comp as you may remember had the captain close to 800 points in front leading to the sad panda to declare that its over. Well at the end of the regular season the scoreboard is:

I makes me a sad panda 14302
Rams 13995
Harassment panda 11315

The sad pandas lead has been cut down to 307 points. With 9 finals games left I sure as hell will be hoping to see the sad panda cry!


Captain Carnage said...

Dude, seriously! They play finals?! I stopped playing weeks ago and told you as much...Now you're getting back up off the canvas after being KO'd, pulling out a crow bar and king-hitting a jubilant Captain, with title belt aloft, from behind! Anyway, I have missed this week's cut-off too as I was out smoking cigars with Don King, so to speak, so you'll probably win. Anyhoo, I can handle my pride being dented as long as I win $$$cash$$$. Go Dragons! Cha-ching!

Captain Carnage said...

You really do suck balls JB...sneaking up on me like that you sneaky bastard!