Sunday, September 13, 2009

It's The Parra That Matta

My whopping bet on a Dragons premiership is in serious jeopardy and my value bet on Manly is dead. It's been a horror weekend on the punt but what else can you do but reload the betting accounts and go again?! As a friend, like a broken record, keeps telling me, "it's the Parra that Matta". What the fuck is going on people?! The Eels were gone, the Bulldogs struggling without their general, the Storm were looking pretty uninspiring and yet now, they are all looking big chances for the title. Add to that the Broncos, and the possibility of the Dragons showing some initiative now that it's sudden death, and it's truly the closest NRL season ever. The only team I'd put a line through at this stage is the Titans, just leaking far too many points over the past few weeks. If I was a bookie, I'd have the Bulldogs as warm favourites now. With the week off, it's a near certainty that Kimmorley will return, and expect their marketing department to start pumping up the El Masri fairytale finish. And I for one would not begrudge him that. WHAB will preview the NRL and AFL finals for next weekend, so stay tuned.

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