Tuesday, September 15, 2009

It's The Parra That Matta Part II


I am happy to call this one straight up as a pantsing. The Eels win this with a leg in the air. They're so hot right now. Take the 13+ on offer as the Eels cut up the Titans defense like Freddy Kruger on speed. The Eels pack will dominate and set the platform for Hayne and co...but mostly Hayne:

The first of many Dally M's for superstar Hayne

The guy's got it all; the step, the speed, a huge long kicking game, a skilful short kicking game, passing skills, strong defense, a strong fend and above all, amazing vision. He is the best player in the game and it's not close, sorry JT...hope you're enjoying those finals at home champ. How was the Dally M that close between those two? Because JT is the slayer of the weak...Hayne is the slayer of Dragons. If I had a lazy $595 lying around, I'd buy this for the pool room:

(Fully framed, including delivery)

Eels 13+, and take whatever you can get on Hayne being Channel Nine Man of the Match...that is just sound finance...


I have no idea who's going to win this. A reliable source, who wished to be unnamed, let's call him "Duck", who happens to be a Broncos fan, is tipping the Dragons to win by 1-12. "Duck" says that the Dragons always beat the Broncos by 1-12. I'll be happy with that...I'll be cheering on the 'Dell and co. for purely selfish financial reasons. The Dragons have won 7 of their last 8 matches at Suncorp Stadium...not sure that really gets us any closer to who's going to win this one. Maybe the St.George-Illawarra-Steeler-Dragons will be shocked into action in the face of sudden death footy. With the exception of the thrashing they dealt the Eels in round 26, they have played conservatively, have been mistake-riddled, lacked creativity in attack and lacked composure at critical times over the last month. The only thing about this game I know for certain is that if the Dragons don't find a better hiding spot in defense for Jamie Soward than in front of Dave Taylor, they'll lose. The Broncos have been in good form, though they were lucky to get the chocolates last week after punching their timecards just after half-time. The head says "I have no idea". The heart (betting account that was decimated last week) says Dragons. "Duck" says Dragons 1-12. I'll run with that. Whether by class or;

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