Monday, August 24, 2009

I am.. the greatest.

Test match statistics:

226 wickets at 32.78

3845 runs at 31.77

Numbers to act like Jesus about? Lets let history decide that.

10927 runs at 51.06? 98 wickets at 37? That's when you can start raising your arms like you just parted the Red Sea you fucking douche.


Captain Carnage said...

How many drinks have you had son? 98 wickets at 37 is rubbish!

Professor Chaos said...

But when added to 10000 runs?

Cricket Bats said...

OK he wasn't the greatest test cricketer in the world but nobody put in more effort than Freddie.

The test game will be poorer with out him.

Captain Carnage said...

Hey Cricket Bats, you're probably right. He's been massively over-rated on the whole but for whatever reason he's fucked Australia up at every turn. He got in the Aussies heads and drove people like us here at WHAB mental. It was always the arms outstretched, "I am the greatest" pose that so made us want to kick him as hard as possible in the ghoulies.

Anyway, one thing's for sure...Ricky Ponting, and probably Ian Chappell for that matter, do not agree with you...