Monday, August 24, 2009


Let's not sugar-coat this people. Losing the Ashes to such a moderately talented bunch of Poms is unacceptable. Congratulations must go to England; they rose to the occasion and played to their potential. But for Australia, Ponting must go as captain and the selectors should fall on their swords as well. If Ponting had any decency he'd resign as captain effective immediately. If Hilditch had any decency he wouldn't try and put a positive spin on this loss like you know he's going to. You can just picture Hilditch trying to justify sticking with the current squad and captain after spanking the Windies at home. The Windies are rubbish in Tests and we should whitewash them. We won't buy that shit. The tour was a complete and utter failure and heads must roll. Ponting couldn't even grab the urn and run a'la Shooter McGavan and his gold jacket. Just hopeless. Well I'm off now to the airport with my team of sharp shoot...I mean, just off on a business trip...

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