Thursday, May 24, 2012

Pictures Tell A Thousand Words

I don't feel I need to really go on too much about this but I must say:

In *slow motion*, Farah "kicked" the ball. Into Inglis' hand. The ball went backward off Farah's boot/forward off Inglis' hand. The ball hit the ground. Knock on. Any day, any time, anywhere, anyhow, no matter how much piss you've drunk or how many lines of coke you've snorted. Knock on. Period.

Worst call ever.

*At full speed, there is no way known Farah had time to deliberately play at the football, it is an impossibility of physics to suggest he did so. He was stepping back to the inside and looking nowhere near where the ball was. It shouldn't have mattered anyway because, like I said, the ball went forward off Inglis' hand. And that is an undeniable fact to everyone other than that fucking faggot who manned the video ref's box...*

Anyway, watch the replays. Judge for yourself ...

Worst call ever.

That is all.


Anonymous said...

You wouldn't be complaining if Smith did the same to Morris and a try resulted. Stop whinging.

Captain Carnage said...

Turn it up assclown.

I might come across biased when I post after a thousand schooners, but when I come to, I'm more than fair.

I would never want to win a game like that.

And NONE of my mates who are QLDers (and living in Brisbane, there are many) enjoyed that finish either...

Those of us who weren't cool with, us League purists, we mulled over how much better it would have been if QLD had scored a kick ass brilliant try to win it. I would have been as sweet with that as my QLDer mates...what are ya gonna do?

But as long as you're okay with that bullshit that occurred, then on you go with life pal...

Just maybe try watching it at full speed one day.