Monday, August 16, 2010

Assclown Of The Week

Surprise, surprise, it's another NRL ref! A video ref actually, with a touch of Hollywood:

Gladiators READY! When Hollywood Harrigan could be taken more seriously than his current role of NRL video ref...

You could take vision of Mark Gasnier scoring a "try" last night against Manly, and show it to kids as an example of a classic knock-on. Or then again, if you're Billy Harrigan and have gone completely fucking senile, you could award a Try - Benefit Of The Doubt! You could go either way on it I guess...but I'm with Greg Alexander who blew a gasket in his frustration. Alexander was convinced a Dragons fan had hijacked the video ref's box. It was refreshing to hear a commentator just totally lose it like that, even better when Warren Smith starting blowing steam about what a fucking disgrace the video refs have been in 2010 and gobbing off about how they'll try and defend the decision. Amazingly, Harrigan, in his senility, got on the front foot even before Robert Finch; “It was benefit of the doubt, there was no separation,” Harrigan said. “The ball was put down short of the line then rolled onto it.”

You be the judge...

Bill Hollywood Harrigan, you are Assclown Of The Week!

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