Sunday, April 11, 2010

Brett Lee Interview

With the news that the ACB have kept Brett Lee's contract, throwing out those of Stuart Clark, Nathan Bracken and David Hussey, we thought we'd catch up with the Bollywood superstar, guitar hero, Ashes legend and former fastest-ever-recorded-bowler-ever.

WHAB: So Brett, you must be very, very, very, very, very pleased that the ACB have renewed your contract...

BL: Yeah, I'm mega-stoked. I thought that considering I've done sweet FA for the past couple of years, they might want to go in a new direction. But I guess nothing can replace bowling really, really fast. With myself and Taity, that's some serious heat right there...

WHAB: So you were as surprised as the rest of us?

BL: Yeah. But I guess that the ACB has looked backed upon my illustrious career and shown me the loyalty that my mega-fast bowling deserves.

WHAB: what are your goals for the coming year?

BL: I'd like to just get back into the first XI for Australia in all forms of cricket. Obviously I'd like to play more than 3 matches this year, injuries permitting. I'm a bit older now, so I'll leave the ultra-mega-fast-bowling to Taity. I'd like to think of myself as a bit of a role model for Taity, so I'll definitely focus some energy Taity's personal coach, I reckon he can bowl 165km/h...Outside of that, I'd like some more Bollywood action and I have a new side-project called "Caught Behind", so things are looking good.

WHAB: Do you feel that Stuart Clark, Nathan Bracken and David Hussey have been hard done by?

BL: Not really. I've always had the edge on Sarfraz as a bowler, he just bowls too slow quite frankly. So does Nathan Bracken. Sure he changes up his pace in the limited overs form of the game, but nothing can substitute for raw pace. And David Hussey, well Adam Voges is clearly the man in the middle order for the Aussies, in all forms of the game. His output has been seriously huge for us. He has been just awesome for us in the last couple of years, particularly in the pressure situations. I mean, it's easy to score runs when we're cruising to victory. Anyone can do that. But it's how you lift yourself when you're under the pump, that's what's impressed me with David Hussey, I mean, Adam Voges in recent times. Seriously, what has D. Hussey done for Australian Cricket that A. Voges can't do?

WHAB: Well, best of luck for the coming year're definitely going to need it...

BL: C'mon champ, don't be such a negative Nellie! I'll be sweet, maybe not as fast as Taity, maybe not taking any wickets, but, if nothing else, check out the smooth sounds of "Caught Behind".

WHAB: I'll be sure to do so. Really. Thanks for your time dickw-....I mean cheers pal...


Dan said...

I love 'Caught Behind's new single: None-Fer, We're Done-Fer, But At Least I'm Keeping The Run Rate Down (Whoops, No I'm Not)

Especially like how they back the chorus with syncopated tonks for six, sorry DLF Maximums.

I also like the ballad I Still Remember The Day I Broke 160k. Brings a tear to my eye.

Captain Carnage said...

"Five Wides Down The Legside" is my favourite, also Mitchell Johnson's favourite. Very catchy!

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