Sunday, April 11, 2010

Assclowns Of The Week

All NRL refs, video refs and touch judges. You are all fucking rubbish. The more you get paid, the worse you get. Fuck you all. An 80 year old Mick Stone or Greg McCallum would make you guys look shithouse. And they were probably only on a couple of hundred bucks a game. The fans have had enough. Over-officiating, under-officiating, bizarre interpretations of the rules, getting scared of nasty home crowds, pulling penalties out of your fucking assholes, and general blindness and shiteness...seriously, you are all shit human beings. Fuck you all.

Ah, that's been eating me up for some time...I feel much better.....serenity now.


Dan said...

Greg McCallum would have roared like fucking Gimli and stormed the video box, screaming "You're telling me that there was obstruction when not a single goddamn defender was impeded in any freakin' sense! I had Brett Morris with 4.5 points start to beat the stupid Baby Broncos, you cocksucking assclown!" And then would have chopped the video ref's head off with an axe, before returning to also slaughter his co-referee ("You're not Legolas!") for sending it up there in the first place.

Then he would have run up to the Gold Coast to butcher the next official who gave a scrum penalty.

I miss Greg McCallum.

Captain Carnage said...

That's what the game needs at the moment - Gim...I mean Greg McCallum doing his nut with an axe, frothing at the mouth , the froth then getting caught and suspended in his beard, leaving a trail of slaughtered Orcs (also known as NRL officials) through the Eastern states of Mor...sorry, Australia...

Yeah I miss Greg McCallum too.