Thursday, February 4, 2010


So who's going to win tomorrow's Superbowl? Who cares?! I backed both New Orleans and Indianapolis early in the season so I'm sitting pretty. I'm particularly looking forward to smashing through the mountain of nachos I'm going to build at half-time, then washing it down with a couple of cold ones.

I think Indy will win and Peyton Manning will be MVP. As good as Drew Brees is, Manning is unquestionably the best QB in the game. The Saints are definitely a chance and punters have been snapping up the generous odds this week; I, on the other hand, snapped up the generous odds of $15 available on the 3-0 Saints after Week 3. They really shouldn't have beaten Minnesota in the NFC Championship game. The Vikings dominated possession but turned the ball over 100 times. Maybe more. One of those was a Brett Fav-re brain explosion interception as they were getting set up for the game-winning field goal. The Saints defense, to their credit, did what they've done all year; they caused turnovers/waited for Vikings brain explosions which the offense capitalised on. The Colts will likely be more protective of the football however. And Manning can be very hard to get to behind the Colts offensive line. The Jets had some success in parking Manning on his ass in the AFC Championship game and the Saints will be studying that vision keenly.

A slow start kills New Orleans here. They've been comeback kings all season, including overcoming a 24-3 half-time deficit at Miami to incredibly win 48-27 (just ask WHAB's resident Dolphins fan the Professor about that one!), but you just can't give up a lead to Manning and the Colts. They'll need to put Manning on the ground as much as possible and will need a couple of big plays from their running game and special teams. With game-breakers like Bush, Colston, Thomas, Henderson, and Shockey, they are a chance to win any game but I just have the feeling that the Colts will be too solid and methodical. Two things are for sure though; 1). we'll see plenty of points, and 2). I'll win $$cash$$ no matter what!

For what it's worth, I'd like to see the Saints win...I win slightly more $$cash$$ if they get up!

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