Monday, October 26, 2009

Continuing Cox Plate Surliness/Greatest Melbourne Cup Preview Ever

Yes, I'm still surly after the Cox Plate. I hate it when 3.y.o's win the Cox Plate, because I am never on them. You can't line up their form with the other runners. They have 49.5kg's, even less for fillies. They are complete unknowns and occasionally one of them proves to be the real deal, but you had no way of telling this because said horse didn't even run a place in the Guineas. In hindsight, his run in the Guineas was pretty good, after making his move from the carpark; but still, it was the Guineas and he ran 5 lengths 5th. So yeah, I've been a surly bastard this week and I ain't apologising for it. Watching Shane Watson bowl the most fucked over in the history of one day cricket, to almost lose us the first one-dayer in India didn't exactly help my mood.

But life at WHAB goes on. We'll be busy this week preparing a Derby Day post, all the while working on the Greatest Melbourne Cup Preview Ever. Friday: Derby Day Preview. Monday: Greatest Melbourne Cup Preview Ever featuring the return of JB. Mark it.


Professor Chaos said...

mark it dude

JB said...

This is not Nam, there are rules. I didn't rent it shoes, I'm not buying it a fucking beer, he's not taking your fucking turn dude.